The worst of political pandering. Even worse, it’s outright lying about health care

I find this very disturbing in several ways. First, that people believe it. Second that a US Senator embraces such rhetoric.

Any insurance company that had a policy of denying legitimate claim payment would not be in business very long. And no insurer denies care.

Do insurers deny claims? Of course, for a variety of reasons, including mistakes by the insurers staff and sometimes by the hospital or physician’s staff. Sometimes because a treatment is questionable or outside guidelines (despite what an individual physician may say). Sometimes a service is simply not covered and sometimes the service is still considered experimental in nature.

But here’s the thing, none of that will change under a universal system, Medicare for All or otherwise. No system can write a blank check for health care. Medicare wastes billions each year to fraud in large part because it does not do sufficient claims review.

To imply that Medicare for All will simply pay for any and all services ordered by “your” doctor in any setting for any reason, no questions asked is ignorant and assumes you are too.



  1. I am so tired of the claim that healthcare is a basic human right. If it is, then add it to the US Constitution. Healthcare really didn’t exist until about the mid-1800s when they could see under the microscope. In many cultures prior to doctors, the community would help the old, the sick, and the injured the best they could. Sometimes this just meant taking into the woods to die because the community could not spend the resources to care for them.

    If healthcare is a basic right and the community must provide this right for all, then all behavior and risk taking with could result in injury or cancer must be outlawed because the community cannot afford the care. We must forced treatment for those who do not wish to seek treatment or are mentally ill to prevent further medical problems which cost us more money.

    Life is terminal. This is the only basic human health right fact. Not everybody can live to 100.


  2. Fake Pocahontas Warren has a serious problem telling the truth…once again she’s buying votes with taxpayers money !


    1. Some of my favorite quotes by Alexis de Tocqueville are listed below –

      “The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.” (or the public’s DEBT!)

      “I do not know if the people of the United States would vote for superior men if they ran for office, but there can be no doubt that such men do not run.”

      “Americans are so enamored of equality, they would rather be equal in slavery than unequal in freedom.”

      “Nothing is more wonderful than the art of being free, but nothing is harder to learn how to use than freedom.”

      “Liberty cannot be established without morality, nor morality without faith.”

      “There are many men of principle in both parties in America, but there is no party of principle.”

      “Society is endangered not by the great profligacy of a few, but by the laxity of morals amongst all.”

      “There are two things which a democratic people will always find very difficult – to begin a war and to end it.”

      “I am unaware of his plans but I shall never stop believing in them because I cannot fathom them and I prefer to mistrust my own intellectual capacities than his justice.”

      “We can state with conviction, therefore, that a man’s support for absolute government is in direct proportion to the contempt he feels for his country.”

      “The happy and powerful do not go into exile, and there are no surer guarantees of equality among men than poverty and misfortune.”

      “The surface of American society is covered with a layer of democratic paint, but from time to time one can see the old aristocratic colours breaking through.” (especially when it comes to our political elite)

      “Men will not accept truth at the hands of their enemies, and truth is seldom offered to them by their friends.”

      “In the United States, the majority undertakes to supply a multitude of ready-made opinions for the use of individuals, who are thus relieved from the necessity of forming opinions of their own.”

      Not much has changed since 1825 America. Sure no Slavery, but many are slaves to the welfare state, some who receive benefits and others who pay the bulk of the taxes in support of the individual and corporate welfare state that politicians have created.

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