Basket Case – HumbleDollar

UPON RETIREMENT, I picked up additional duties at home. One was cooking and the other was grocery shopping, both of which I enjoy. The shopping part furthers my ability to observe people, a favorite pastime. I have concluded that you can tell a great deal about people’s spending and lifestyle habits simply by what’s in their shopping cart. And you can tell quite a bit about individual responsibility and personal behavior by what people do with their empty shopping cart.

I have no scientific evidence to support my observations. But I’m confident I’m on to something. “Healthy, wealthy and wise,” exhorted Poor Richard. (No relation.) That’s a good way to assess the contents of shopping carts.

Source: Basket Case – HumbleDollar

The shopping cart can tell you a great deal about people, especially in the categories of healthy, wealthy and wise.

Take a look at what I wrote on the link above and let me know what you think. This is serious stuff.🤔😢🤫

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