The change

At the moment I have forty-two cents in my pocket. When I get home that $0.42 will be placed in a tray on my dresser.

That happens every day and has for decades. It’s a sign of my frugality, my cheapness or my obsession with saving and planning ahead when it comes to finances; take your pick.

When I have accumulated forty or fifty dollars, it’s rolled and taken to the bank. In the olden days it was deposited and accumulated until I had enough to send to my brokerage account later to be invested.

Since I retired the purpose has changed.

Now my accumulated coins go into our travel funds. It’s converted to Euros or whatever, even Rubles or Krona on occasion and becomes the spend money we take with us.

My change strategy is in direct conflict with my accumulate the points with your credit card strategy, but I still use both. I recently used years of accumulated frequent flyer miles to purchase two first class round trip tickets from NJ to Argentina. That’s some hefty savings and I never would have spent my money on first class tickets, not even my accumulated change could do that.

In any case, the message is saving is important whether you are very young or very old. You can start very small and let the money work for you and work it will.

Yes you can‼️


  1. When I was child the ice cream truck came down our street on the same day at the same time. Me and other neighborhood kids would wait for the ice cream man with our dime in hand. My dime came from my dad who would tell me to get a dime from his sock drawer where he kept all his loose change. Decades later after my dad died and his estate settled, although I was a single mom on a tight budget, I was able to buy his old house [where I grew up] “as is” including junk that his other heirs didn’t want. One piece of “junk” was an old dresser in his bedroom still filled with his clothing. After I bought the house and moved in, as I was going through the drawers while deciding what to do with his clothing… I opened his sock drawer and remembered the old days and the ice cream man. But this final time, there wasn’t any change – not a single dime – in his last stock drawer… but inside one sock I found $700 !

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  2. For most of my life, I gave myself an allowance. I paid cash for most everything. If I didn’t have the money in my pocket, I didn’t do it or buy something. I did put the change into a jar. Then I took it to the bank. In retirement, when I went from weekly paychecks to monthly pension checks, I switched to using a cash back credit card. It was just easier to manage the cash flow during the month without panicking that I ran out of money too soon. Now it is all about cash back points instead of the change. I call it our clothing fund. The funny now is that sometimes I have to get change for that occasional parking meter or car wash.


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