Donald Sanders

Regardless of what you think about Donald Trump, his personality, his behavior or whatever, some things seem clear. He shoots from the hip, acts without a well thought out strategy, ignores advice from experienced experts and of course, he tries his best to appeal to those who support his policies.

Now read the above Tweet.

Is Sanders any different? Oh sure, his causes always seem altruistic and they are very appealing, but they do not consider consequences and they are not based on facts while at the same time they ignore any semblance of individual responsibility.

45 million people are not drowning under student debt. The average debt is quite manageable as are the monthly payments. In addition, this is debt incurred by individuals who made all the decisions about what to spend, what to borrow, what courses to spend the money on and should have thought about how they would handle their debt.

What a slap in the face cancelling ALL debt is to students who have paid their debts, to parents who sacrificed to help their children through college and to Americans who didn’t have the opportunity to attend college or did so over many years at night or earned veteran benefits.

Trump and Sanders are very different people with very different views of people and the world, but being shortsighted, lacking understanding of consequences and economic systems and human nature are common factors … and both will create serious problems in the future.


  1. Why aren’t the Colleges and Universities part of the solution/discussions. As we all know, the cost of college keeps going up unchecked – why? Why doesn’t the government push back on the cost of tuition. How about forcing colleges to spend fifty percent of their endowments on reducing student loan debt. If there is going to be a wealth tax on individuals, there should be one on colleges and universities.


  2. Fake news is the enemy of the people….Trump is NOT a politician and that’s why the market is at an all time high with record low unemployment…if you can’t beat him at the polls then the democrats have to conduct secret impeachment hearings to try and remove him.


  3. I don’t understand how Bernie and his fellow democrats think. They want to tax the rich because they don’t pay “their fair share”. But then they want to wipe out $1.6 trillion in student loan debt, which works out to be $10,270 for every current US worker whom would have to pay that back in extra taxes. Unless of course his plan is for the federal government not to back all those student loan guarantees, which would remove the “faith” in US government bonds worldwide and wipe out maybe double, triple, or more in US government bonds overnight. Then all his retirees with pensions and 401K that he wants to give more stuff to would be severely hurt by the loss of their retirement assets. How is that fair? Besides, if a college education is the path to a better paying job or becoming “rich”, then why isn’t he proposing extra taxes on the college educated since they are the “rich”?

    There is also something very wrong when I have to use scientific notation to calculate the debt to worker ratio because a trillion is so large that my calculator can’t display that number..


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