Here’s what trying to deal with health care costs is all about

A controversy! Much of medical care is a controversy. When Americans read these kinds of study results, they often disagree, often want to stay with conventional wisdom. Who is right, who is wrong?

In any case continually rethinking everything is necessary in the quest for quality and cost effectiveness.

PHIL­ADELPHIA—Stents and coro­nary artery by­pass surgery are no more ef­fec­tive than in­ten­sive drug treat­ment and bet­ter health habits in pre­vent­ing mil­lions of Amer­i­cans from heart at­tacks and death, a large study found, shedding new light on a ma­jor con­tro­versy in cardiol­ogy.

Study Finds Limited Benefits of Stents, Surgery for Heart Disease

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  1. little off topic. Baby denied life-saving drug by Louisiana Medicaid –

    This is the future of US social medicine just like everywhere else. This treatment costs more than $2 million. Skipping the emotional issue of that every life needs to be saved no matter what the cost, I would like to point out that most people I know would never earn that much money. They would more than likely never be able to contribute that much value back into society. It does justify me losing my ability to care for my own family by paying more in taxes to save just one baby. Once again, avoiding the emotional issue, now multiply that one baby by thousands or elderly who need specialized care or transplants. I know it is cold, but if you have an open checkbook, prices will rise and you’ll be tax to death. There has to be some treatments that are denied. The question is who is going to make that determination? Nobody will like any decisions that will have to be made.

    There is no long term proof of how effective this treatment will be either. Think how much $2m will do to help other sick people.

    Of course when this happens to me, I’ll be the first one demanding coverage. Emotions rule.


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