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Food for Thought

Richard Quinn  |  November 29, 2019

FULL DISCLOSURE: I wrote this out of frustration, bordering on desperation. More than a year ago, I bought a condo and took out what was supposed to be a short-term mortgage, which we’d pay off once we sold our home of 45 years. Silly me.

You guessed it: I still have the mortgage and I still own the old house, with not even a single offer received. The No. 1 reason for buyers’ lack of interest: The kitchen is too small. Nobody gets past the kitchen. My house has one other drawback: There’s no toilet on the first floor. You would think a society obsessed with working out could walk up a flight of stairs once in a while. Over 70 million Americans have a fitness center membership. I need just one who wants to live in New Jersey.

Clearly, by today’s standards, our kitchen is indeed small. On the other hand, it was large enough for a family of six, for cooking three meals a day and for preparing 135 Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter dinners. Here’s the kicker: More than 50 years ago, someone expanded the kitchen by four feet from its original 1929 size. No doubt the necessities of the 21st century require a great deal of counter space. Without that space, where would we put our mini-waffle maker, panini maker, programmable pressure cooker, rice cooker, air fryer and bread maker?

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    Are there house flippers in your area ??

    I was happy to sell my first old house that needed work to a real estate agent who flipped on the side.

    Today, here in the Dallas area I get lots of mail from flippers wanting to buy my current house. But I have decided to age in place because my house was paid off a decade ago, everything I need for day to day living is within three miles while home prices and rent in this area continue to increase. Recently a single mom on local was lamenting how she needed to move from her current apartment because the rent kept increasing and she could no longer afford it. But her options to find a decent lower priced apartment are slim to none. Thank God, I have my paid off house where I can live cheaper [and better] here than anywhere else.



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