All it takes is a degree in economics

If you have your ideology set, you ignore common sense. When you have your ideology set, you don’t even realize you are insulting people; “normal people.”

Stocks reflect the economy, rising stock prices reflect how well companies are doing and the better they do, the better workers do.

Every American has the opportunity to participate in the stock market and should do so. You don’t need thousands or even hundreds of dollars to start. In fact, most Americans have a vested interest in the stock market.

IMO an ideology that pits “normal people” against the rest of us is counterproductive, if not dangerous. Americans are victims only if they allow others to convince them so.

✔️ Families near the bottom of the income and wealth distribution experienced large gains in mean and median net worth after experiencing large declines between 2010 and 2013

✔️ Retirement plan participation and retirement account asset values rose between 2013 and 2016 for families across the income distribution, with the largest proportional increases in participation occurring among families in the bottom half of the income distribution.

✔️ Ownership rates and the value of direct and indirect holdings of corporate equities increased between 2013 and 2016, with the largest proportional increase in ownership among families in the bottom and upper-middle parts of the income distribution.



  1. AOC is the end result of a failed political ideology …identity politics and victimization are their weapons of choice to divide and conquer.


  2. Everytime AOC speaks about the economy, I want the accreditation of Boston University revoked. Even a bartender should understand how cash economy works, but AOC fails to grasp that basic concept. I learned basic economy theory and how to save money as a 12 year old paperboy making only pennies a paper. I guess things will only get worse and people no longer actually handle cash in their hands.


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