Top 10 Things to Buy with $100 

This list is not ten things, but a lot more. And much is ridiculous.   It seems to grow, but guess what does not appear on the list?

An office visit, my Rx Co-pay, toward my deductible… etc. get the point?

Health care expenses, reasonable or not are never considered reasonable spending.

Source: Top 10 Things to Buy with $100 – TheTopTens®

One comment

  1. To be fair, the question that was asked for the making of the list was; “If you had TO BLOW $100, what would be the best thing to buy with it?” The question didn’t ask the best way or the smartest way to spend $100.

    I agree that the list had some excellent choices on how to waste money that were non-essential expenses. However you should be proud that some people responded with: buying SAT books, donating to charity, and buying groceries (eating out / food and candy was a separate entry). Condoms are a wise investment too which can save you a ton of money over time. I don’t consider these four things as blowing my money, well maybe depending on which charity you give the money.

    I was surprised that gambling / lottery tickets did not make the list considering that drugs and adult toys did make the list. Does that mean that most people think that buying lottery tickets are an essential expense? I personally feel that lottery tickets are a very fast way to blow $100 for little entertainment value in return. It is like throwing $100 bill into a wishing well.


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