As you know this blog is about politics, public policy, retirement, money, health care and stuff like that. My nearly fifty-year career was spent entirely in employee benefits. I have been reading and writing about all that since I was a kid. As a teenager I wrote letters to the editor. I found one recently written in support of Barry Goldwater for president … you remember ” In your heart you know he’s right.”

While all that is important, at 76, the relative value of things is changing. I look back over the years and realize how good they have been to me, how darn fortunate I am.

I have every material thing I could reasonably want and certainly everything I need and much more.

As a history buff of sorts there were many places I wanted to see in the world. I’ve kissed the Blarney Stone, walked in the catacombs of Rome, cruised the Volga river, and placed a prayer in the Western Wall, visited concentration camps and much more. I have visited 48 states and 38 countries.

When I was in high school I couldn’t get a date, I pretty much gave up any family stuff, but I have been married fifty-one years to a woman who has supported me and our four children unwaveringly. Today we have thirteen grandchildren.

What more could anyone want or reasonable expect? Nothing in my view.

But if I may be a tad greedy and vain, I have two more goals. I would like to see at least the first of my grandchildren graduate college and I would like to have all of them remember me..hopefully with a measure of fondness… and it won’t cost a cent?

Wish me more luck I don’t deserve.


  1. I visited my aunt this week who is 94. I am trying to get her to tell her great grandchildren of how good they have it. I am trying to get her to “reflect” on her life. When she was born, movies didn’t have sound. She could only dream in black & white because color movies didn’t come out until the late 1930’s. Gone with the Wind and the Wizard of Oz must have been magic back then. The house that she grew up in had a two-seater outhouse. Talk about a McMansons, that was a McShitter. The original two bathroom house. (I must admit as a kid, I got to use it even though they had indoor plumbing by then.) For us in build-up NJ, that is unheard of today.

    You have done a fine job talking until you are blue in the face about benefits. Please do not forget to have some fun with your grandkids reflecting. They won’t believe you that your one phone was tied to the wall with a wire. 3 TV channels that went off the air at midnight. And you were allow to play outside without an adult “organizing” the games.


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