Let’s get started, plenty to fix before leaping off the cliff

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  1. RD – The problem with the liberal mindset is it is all or nothing. It is the evil rich people, evil corporations, evil pharma. Every time the government starts a program, you have to follow the governments rules. No ifs ands or buts. No opt out and if you do not qualify you do not qualify. Most government programs mean less choice and less freedom. The government spends 10 Billion dollars providing $10,000 to 1,000,000 college students. Why do those special 1,000,000 students get free college and the other 75% do not. There is not an unlimited supply of tax dollars and the Congress and President never cut out a single program, even when there is proof that some programs should be cut. Head Start is the nation’s largest preschool program, serving an estimated 904,000 children. The federal government spends in excess of $7 billion on Head Start annually, for an average cost of about $7,600 per child served. Studies have shown that any gains made during preschool education disappear by 4th grade. Until the government gets control of this out of control and wasteful spending at every level nothing will improve. Because of inflation, driven in part by the miss application of tax dollars, many citizens standard of living decline each year, especially people living on a fixed income or making less than $20,000 per year, who do not qualify for any of the government welfare programs. The government spends 450 billion on interest payments each year and interest payments will grow to more than the DOD budget over the next 10 years, if nothing is done. CRAZY!!!!!.


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