Retirees are far more likely to suffer from depression than people in the workforce. Why? Because many are bored.

Retirement may seem ideal if you are still commuting to a stressful or boring job, but before you make the leap to retirement, think it through.

How will you spend most days? No, it’s not fishing or golf or any of the things you enjoy when it’s a relief or occasional treat or while on vacation. When you are retired you are permanently on vacation, every day of the year. Even the holidays that meant a day off or long weekend are irrelevant in retirement.

When I was managing retirement plans I asked people what they were going to do now they were retiring, some said “nothing, just enjoy life.” Doing nothing or the expectation of doing so is a warning sign. You can’t enjoy life and do nothing. And, it’s not healthy either.

Don’t forget that to avoid doing nothing usually requires money. That’s not always true, you could volunteer in various ways, but even a hobby can cost money, as do most sports and, of course, travel. Plus if the lack of money is an ongoing issue, a struggle, it will add to stress and possibly depression.

The good news is that many retirees I talk to say they are busier now with less free time than before they retired.

Your goal before retirement is to make sure you are on solid financial footing to retire.

Your goal after retirement is to keep your body and mind active to the maximum extent possible for as long as possible.

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  1. I retired at 50, and watch TV surf the net, visit friends who are also retired. My wife and I spend 4 to 6 months away from our home in MT almost every year, visiting family and friends in CA, TX, OK, VA, NC, AL, GA, & FL. Logged 8,000 miles last year. For the most part all it cost is the transportation, meals and motel cost to each state. As friends and family always seem to have room and are glad to see us. Life is good in retirement with just $37,000 per year income and zero debt. if you live a low income lifestyle, I spend like I only have $20,000 per year and save up for any big ticket items over $500. If it is not food, something for the house or car I do not buy it. I only activate my cell phone when on the road, stream HULU TV for $11.99.and get 15 free TV channels with a $25 antenna.


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