Sen Sanders supporters define socialism how?

Here is one more of those opinion pieces. Forgive me, but sometimes I can’t resist.

My initial reaction to the under forty crowd supporting Sanders is what are they thinking? What do they want, what do they believe? What do they expect?

Democracy is a flawed form of government, but is there any better? Capitalism is a flawed economic system, there are winners and losers, but no system anywhere has done more to improve the conditions of average people, even in countries where it is merely tolerated.

Sen Sanders tears down the wealthy, corporations, and Wall Street, the very people and institutions that built this Country and allowed it to be the wealthiest in the history of civilization as the Senator frequently notes. Sanders wants to tax all these folks to pay for his socialism promises, but seems to forget how they became potential sources of his funding … it wasn’t socialism.

His promises are appealing, if you don’t think them through or ask about potential consequences or their sustainability when capitalism’s incentives are muted.

When you make attractive promises, it’s near impossible to retract them and also difficult for politicians to take the prudent measures to manage costs and maintain sustainability. Just look at Social Security and Medicare, or even the highway trust fund. Witness turmoil in other countries such as France.

Look at teachers, a vital occupation indeed. Do teachers believe every community can afford a $60,000 salary along with their generous benefits? Is this an indication the people teaching our children believe in socialism? I hope not.

Every member of a society that wants generous government-provided programs, pays through high taxes while they surrender a portion of their independence to the bureaucrats. It can be no other way.

A minimum teachers salary of $60,000? Why? On the theory high pay will produce better results or the assumption teachers are underpaid? Neither is accurate.

One comment

  1. Your “opinion piece” was outstanding. I think, however, that Bernie supports’ seeming ignorance or distain of capitalism can be put squarely on our teachers’ educations.


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