Socialized medicine

Donald Trump: (24:39)

When he says public option, he’s talking about socialized medicine and healthcare. When he talks about a public option, he’s talking about destroying your Medicare, totally destroying-

Last presidential debate

While a so-called public option or Medicare optional at age 60 have their own problems, including adverse selection where people select the best option for their immediate needs, it is not socialized medicine…and neither is Obamacare.

Socialized medicine is government running all healthcare facilities, employing doctors and other professionals and universally setting budgets that may limit or delay care. It also means virtually all citizens are covered and it does not automatically mean lower quality care.

There are 44 million Americans with Medicare and increasing daily, in ten years the projection is for 79 million to be enrolled. But only 10% enrolled rely only on Medicare, the other 90% use private supplemental insurance or Medicare Advantage plans. This hardly sounds like socialized medicine.

My wife and I have been on Medicare for over ten years. Never did anyone limit our access to a hospital, physician or facility. We went where we wanted to, when we wanted to. No service was denied (actually a flaw of Medicare), no limitation applied, no questions asked.

Medicare has its flaws, especially it does not manage claims, but if there is a better system, let’s see it.

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