Lets think about this $0.00 stuff

Frankly, I don’t get this line of thinking, but a lot of people agree with it. As a meter of fact it’s dangerous.

Of course, nothing has a $0 price, it’s just a matter of where it’s hidden and who pays it.

There are two things we spend money on, necessities and non-necessities. I’m thinking a prescription is mostly a necessity. If that’s true, why is it unreasonable to expect someone to transfer spending from non-necessity to necessity?

If a family can afford a $75 Halloween 🎃 lawn blow-up, why can’t it afford five $15 Rx co-pays?

Another thing about free, or the appearance of such is our tendency to not care about use or cost. Why care about using a generic Rx, or a lower cost brand, or obtaining an unnecessary refill?

Employers and government have spent years trying to find the point where reasonable cost-sharing will encourage patients to care about the cost and their use of healthcare and yet there are many who still think free.

What they don’t realize is that should we attain free, the only way to control our costs will be rationing in one form or another.

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  1. Totally agree. That is like saying that I’ll take $0.00 / hr. for my wages. That is like saying I’ll take $0.00 when I sell my house because you need a house and I should just give mine to you for free. You should also be able to pay $0.00 per lb. for lobster.

    What are these people willing to pay for? Do they have any personal responsibility for taking care of themselves?

    Now if you want to argue that the prescription should not cost more than the highest cost as sold in other countries, I can get on board with that. I don’t know how that would work since America policies often drive prices up and other countries limit availability. But I am will to listen to see if that is a reasonable possibility which I doubt without some major policy, laws, and consumer changes.

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