The AOC sweatshirt

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had a swift response for conservatives criticizing her for selling a “Tax the Rich” sweatshirt for $58. The price was right, the leftwing New York Democrat said, because the campaign merchandise was made by unionised workers in the US rather than in China, unlike political wear sold by, for example, Donald Trump.

The Guardian

Read that statement carefully.

Price doesn’t matter. Okay, perhaps for a political sweatshirt, it doesn’t. NOW, extend that philosophy for everything you buy.

Sure, make everything Americans need with high wage unionized workers. That’s fair, but be sure and explain to all Americans what that means for their pocketbook. But as AOC says, the price will be right. And remember, those higher wage workers will be paying more for all they buy as well.


  1. “High waged unionized workers” hmmm almost seems like a bitter comment. Not all employees are union, yet are still paid a fair wage. Keen footwear for example, Deluth Trading Post had a pair of Keen hiking shoes made in China, the other side of the parking lot was REI, same shoes, made in USA, $12.00 more. I paid the extra $12.00. I agree, most of the people that say “we need to make more things here” are the same people that shop at Walmart! One other point, unionized isn’t all about the pay, a large part is safety. The company you had worked for, well there have been some management personnel who directed work to be done that was unsafe, potentially fatal consequences, not in accordance with OSHA or NFPA 70E guidelines. It was because the unionized personnel were able to challenge that direction, nobody got hurt or equipment was damaged. Needless to say that management team is no longer there. There have been many other instances where the union has championed safety practices. Remember, the better the union is compensated, wage and benefits, the better the MAST employees are , generally speaking.

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    1. You make very good points. This not a knock on unions, they serve a vital purpose and can be a valuable assets to management, especially when there are good union leaders as I dealt with for decades. The issue is politicians who make comments and take positions that mislead and ignore consequences. Americans would be in a very different place without foreign goods and services and any gain in wages would wiped out by prices. And, world poverty would be a lot higher because American consumers helped raise the world.

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