Pandemic Lowers Employer Health Care Costs for First Time in Decades

But don’t look for a premium reduction or even no increase in premiums.

BECAUSE premiums must be set for the next 12-18 months and guess what? Chances are pretty good that pent up demand for health care will be released in 2021.

“A global pandemic did what no health expert or innovation has been able to do in decades,” Aon declares. Its survey of health insurance carriers shows the pandemic significantly lowered health care spending costs compared to original 2020 projected levels for most U.S. employers that pay employee medical, dental and vision claims through carriers.

Source: Pandemic Lowers Employer Health Care Costs for First Time in Decades | PLANSPONSOR


  1. I hope I live long enough to see the uncensored studies about how the pandemic affected the world and how countries respond to determined what worked and what didn’t work. Non pandemic medical care is just another example. I had basic dental care delayed. I had one medical checkup fall just outside of NJ lockdown that closed doctor’s offices so I didn’t miss that checkup. My wife was forced to do hers by telemedicine. Hard to hear her heart and lungs that way.

    I gained weight and drank more sitting home than if I went out to eat for the past 9 months. It is easy to drink more when you don’t have to drive home. My gym was closed and still has restricted operations. I eat out of boredom. Since we couldn’t go out to eat and have dessert once in a while, we buy or make a whole cake or pie. Instead of a slice, we eat the whole thing before it goes bad. I was riding my bike 15-20 miles a day until it broke in July and my bike dealer could not get parts due to the pandemic.

    My wife’s outlook between the shutdown orders, rioting, election, and not being allowed to visit her mom was degrading her mental wellbeing. Her mental health improved once she just stop listen to the news and getting off Facebook, and started visiting with the grandkids because it was affecting them more than us. She also finally got to see her mom last month but her mom is now isolated again in a rehab center. Her mom feels abandoned.

    There are so many other things about this pandemic response that I think are wrong, I am just waiting for the truth to come out to prove me right or wrong if that is the case. Too many things to list here but another example is how it is affecting children from cheating them on their education to them not being allowed to learn socialization. Too many were tied to indoors on their games and social media before the pandemic. Now they will have lost two years of school by the time NJ lifts its restrictions.

    I do think that delaying healthcare or having people too scared to go to the doctors will have a delayed reaction in medical cases from lack of early treatment. Plus, I think that there are going to be long term mental health issues for some. I already know of a few people who are germaphobic and no longer can function outside of their homes. Spending is only delayed and now the cases will be harder to treat thus be more expensive. It will be another timebomb as part of this pandemic.

    The only way healthcare spending will stay the same or go down is if this pandemic truly kill so many people that the overall US population drops to the point that healthcare services are no longer consumed at 2019 levels. Since the US population grows (pre-covid) at 1.7 million people per year, I don’t think that 275K deaths if truly all from covid will be noticed in the overall number of people needing healthcare day to day.

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