New (better) Retirement

Thinking about retirement, planning for retirement and maybe finding it a bit difficult and stressful?

I stumbled on a Facebook group of a couple of thousand people in the same place who are willing to share their experiences, ask and answer questions. Take a look at the NewRetirement group. You may find it very helpful.

The bad news is you will have to put up with my comments there too. 😄

NewRetirement is a financial planning tool that helps you organize, optimize, and manage your plan for and during retirement. The Facebook group is a place to not only share resources, but to learn how to make the most of the planning tool.

Check it out

One comment

  1. I never planned using specific figures. Rather, I looked for courses of action which would minimize expenses and maximize income, within the scope of what my wife and I would be able and willing to do. For instance, moving away from Hawaii was not an option, but working longer was.


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