Growing wealth

Is this what inequality is all about? If so, there is a lesson for all. You too can participate in growing wealth.

The growth in wealth, in fact accumulated wealth of the top tier is all about investments and the stock market. There is nothing in this wealth being taken from or blocking wealth accumulation for others. Recent growth in assets is due primarily to the stock and real estate markets.

While wealth accumulation by average Americans will be relative in amount, money makes money and a small start compounds quickly. Pension assets include 401k and IRAs.



  1. When I was young, despite being fairly big and strong, I was not able to throw a baseball more than 80 mph. I always felt that if I had had some decent training I could have gone further. This excluded me from participating in higher level baseball, possibly even a college scholarship and or pro ball. How can such an inequality be tolerated? I demand compensation.


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