Always too far

  • Student loans (for some)
  • Healthcare costs
  • Minimum wage
  • The environment
  • Infrastructure
  • International competitiveness

Each of the above are significant issues and concerns facing our society. Each needs to be addressed.

Each needs a thoughtful, workable solution that is affordable to all Americans and considers all the likely consequences.

Instead, many Americans ignore all that and press for the most comprehensive changes immediately and unrealistically relying on generalizations about the citizens involved while ignoring cost and the taxes or debt to pay them.

Here is an extreme example of a person seeking loan forgiveness. I’m thinking he needs to worry about more than buying a house. And I’m thinking his decisions are not somebody else’s problem.

  • Student loans – I am a 58-year-old Black male with a student loan debt of $593,000. Seriously. I have 4 degrees — B.A., J.D., M.Ed., M.A. — and I’m working on my last Ed.D. I am currently employed as an educator. I would like to buy a house but to qualify is like a pie in the sky. I am working on a down payment of $12,000. But any mortgage company will tell me that they have to count 1% or .5% of my loan balance towards my debt.


  1. Im a female, 64 years old. Would have LOVED a degree but it was always out of range since i was living on my own since 18 years old and my energy/time/money went into keeping myself afloat. Later, I raised my kids on my one paycheck without help. I make slightly over $15 an hour, pay for my own health insurance and managed to buy a house . Im not sure what this guy is doing with his money, but it would be interesting to see his budget..

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  2. Here is a fellow who has spent the greater part of his working career teaching and collecting degrees and has trouble putting together a 12K down payment at 58 years old. I hope he isn’t teaching math or economics.

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  3. If you have nearly $600,000 in debt and you haven’t planned how to leverage that education to generate sufficient income to retire that debt then you have made some idiotic decisions. I agree with your right to do that but don’t ask someone to bail you out of that debt. Decisions have consequences.

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