It’s not fair

What matters is not the truth, but what people believe is the truth.

If a “fact” not actually fact is said often enough, especially if a clear definition can be avoided, it then becomes accepted truth and when coupled with already established ideas like envy, victimization, entitlement, watch out‼️

A wide range of polls now show broad public support for tax increases on high earners. A Pew Research poll last week found that Americans were much more likely to be upset that the wealthy and corporations did not pay “their fair share” in taxes than to be upset about the size of their own tax bills.

New York Times 5-6-2021

And exactly what is fair share?


  1. “Fair”? Would it be “fair” if:

    The top 1% of earners, by income paid more in income taxes than the bottom 90% of earners?
    The top 1% of earners paid an average federal income tax rate of 26.8% which is 6 times higher than the average of taxpayers in the bottom 50% of earners?
    The top 50% of earners by income paid 97% of all federal income taxes?

    Scroll down

    that was the result in 2017 – the last year we have such data…


  2. America doesn’t have a taxing problem, it has a spending problem, and with the idiots in charge, it is only going to get worse. Note, this is a bipartisan rant – Trump, Obama and Bush II was just as irresponsible, , but the numbers were a lot smaller when President Obama said that adding $4 Trillion to the national debt was “irresponsible” and “unpatriotic” … before he himself added big time to the national debt. Here are the per year figures added to the National Debt (Biden’s number is BEFORE the legislation he has gotten approved, and the other two massive spending bills he is pursuing):

    $1,480,770,419,899 Biden
    $1,951,147,920,301 Trump
    $1,165,053,438,287 Obama
    $612,335,156,591 Bush II

    Why do I say this is a spending problem, well, here are the federal tax revenue numbers (and keep in mind that state and local income taxes have increased noticeably over the past 20 years):

    Federal Government FY 2001 $1.99 Trillion
    Federal Government FY 2009 $2.10 Trillion (Great Recession)4
    Federal Government FY 2017 $3.32 Trillion
    Federal Government (Projected) FY 2021 $3.86 Trillion (likely an underestimate given the recovery from COVID Recession)


  3. I’ve paid tax rate between 17% and 21% for most of my working life. In my mind, anyone who doesn’t pay AT LEAST 15% is not paying their fair share.

    I’ve known for years that almost half of American ‘taxpayers’ pay no income tax, that anyone who can hire a tax lawyer can use use legal (and dubious tax loopholes) to reduce their tax bills, and that many of the biggest corporations pay little or no income tax… but it still shocks and angers me.

    A good starting point for tax ‘reform’ would be a flat 10% tax on all forms of non-public assistance type income including employee benefits for _all_ individuals and corporations, partnerships, etc. 10% tax on stock option compensation would be paid the year they vest. Remove most tax deductions for individuals and businesses. Tax property owned by churches.

    Either that or return tax rates to the level when Regan was president, circa 1984.


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