What’s different? Social Security/Medicare vs 2021.

Social Security was designed to be a form of insurance, the cost to be shared by workers and employer and the design was intended to give Americans a direct financial stake in the program and make it harder for politicians to mess with it.

Of course politicians have mucked it up and continue to do so.

To a lessor extent Medicare is similar. A dedicated shared tax for basic funding, premiums and cost sharing and now income related premiums. Again politicians put their dirty hands in the mix.

Now compare both with 2021. Funeral payments, no income limit, free college for two years no income limit, $1400 checks without regard to need or purpose. Promises of more and more ongoing social programs paid for by only a fraction of Americans or not paid for at all. Even Social Security is to be saved only by workers above a certain income. Advocates of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) who see no reason to pay for anything until a new crisis is created.

Today’s liberals and progressives have no right to point to FDR as their example.

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  1. Looking for feedback on Biden’s “The American Families Plan”…anyone know the “real” details?


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