Stop listening to naysayers who make you a victim. YES YOU CAN‼️

Can’t save, don’t have $400 in savings, no emergency fund, no investments like the big guys? That’s your fault and nobody else’s AND the reason is more likely what you spend rather than what you earn.

No, I’m not talking about the poor who rely on SNAP to put food on the table, I’m talking about middle and lower income Americans who can’t distinguish between discretionary and nondiscriminatory spending. And YES, I claim that is the great majority.

Let’s say you earn $40,000 a year, but can’t save, really? I guarantee if you try just a little you can find a few dollars a month to invest. For many people that’s as simple as buying fewer lottery tickets. Check out my article how you can find money to save through financial fasting.

And it all adds up. How about $870,000? Okay, not for everyone, but take a look how it is possible.

What is possible for just about everyone? Take a look.

Saving and investing only $25 per month from age 25-65
How earnings compound.

And what if the savings were $50 per month

You may not live on $99,000 in retirement but it’s sure better than only Social Security.


  1. I just wish they would teach this along with some personal responsibility in grade school and once again before the kids graduate high school. Thanks for all your time and effort sharing your words of wisdom here and on the Humble Dollar.


  2. Without proper parental role models for our children to emulate their future is questionable…the “it takes a village” ideology is full of idiots.


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