Where is the logic? Oh wait, not a smart question.

“A lot of young people” really? Weighed down? The average loan payment was not more than a car payment and in many cases less.

A couple of years ago Warren was calling for lower interest rates on student loans, which make a bit of sense, now it’s more free stuff without consideration of just about anything regarding these former students. First it was can’t buy a house, now it’s can’t start a business. What’s next can’t buy a new F150?

If you graduated college, you have an advantage and if you can’t leverage that to your benefit maybe you need to look at how you spend all your money and stop focusing on debt that was an investment.


  1. Everytime I hear Warren’s comments on this subject it ruffles my feathers. My husband and I paid for our own college and worked at the same time. Yes, it was cheaper back then but wages were also lower. We worked hard, sometimes 2 jobs and raised 4 kids. Only 2 went to college and the first we paid for. The 2nd got a full ride to UCLA but had some debt for summer classes. A full ride does not include the cost of summer classes books, or a meal plan. Something I learned when both boys were in college; so many students borrow to pay for college but take extra money to pay for Spring Break Trips, Designer Hand Bags, A New Car and Dining out at expensive restaurants. I personally know several that did this and now they complain about paying it back! So sad, too bad. They signed the contract as an adult and they need to do the right thing and pay it back.


  2. The majority of the Students have had their parents paying for everything. Let them start paying off their student loans like everyone else’s has done in the past. Maybe then they will be more responsible for actions going forward. It not free..it will be the public’s responsibility to pay off their debt. There is no such thing as FREE…

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  3. Spot on! I’m guessing they will surely take out a small business loan and, as happens in so many cases, the business will fail and we can all pay for that too.


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