We ask why? Taxes are too low.

A popular meme on Facebook

It’s like there is no connection between all the things people want government to provide and how they are paid for.

In 2021 Americans support Social Security (and many want higher benefits), and Medicare (and many want better coverage). Many Americans support free college, student loan forgiveness, free child care and even a guaranteed minimum income.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t all we receive now and all we want from government come from taxes or more debt which eventually means higher taxes?

What most people don’t realize or don’t want to accept is that taxes are currently too low to support what we now have from government let alone what many Americans want.


  1. It never ceases to amaze me when I read articles such as today’s, in which taxes were presented as being excessive. That’s true in many categories, but not across the whole spectrum. Gasoline taxes should be sufficient to maintain infrastructure, yet they are inadequate today and regarded as untouchable by our politicians.

    If we must run deficits, then we must raise revenues via taxes. Another category that warrants greater taxation is, contrary to today’s article. Is inheritances. There is no rational reason why kids, after the first untaxed million dollars+, should not return a portion of their further inheritances to benefit all citizens. In most cases, the kids had little to do with creating their parents’ wealth, so why should they not share their unearned inheritance with all citizens when the amount is more than a million dollars for each child?

    It is interesting how the phrase “Paris Hilton Tax” (which was intended to prevent a plutocracy formed by “billionaire families) became twisted into “Death Tax” (which implies an egregious tax that deprives poor families). It’s just plain nuts!


  2. Some day, I wish someone would compile a list of all the government taxes, fees, surcharges, and other inventive names that they have come up with to hide the fact that I am paying taxes in my daily life. Utilities and the phone carriers long ago starting listing the various taxes on separate line items our their bills. Can you imagine if everything had that kind of breakdown?


    1. “ Gasoline taxes should be sufficient to maintain infrastructure, yet they are inadequate today”

      If gas taxes weren’t used for mass transit, bike lanes and other non-auto/road purposes, there WOULD be enough $$


  3. Dare I “flip the script” and suggest, without embarrassment, that those in our government who want to provide such amenities are also the least capable in understanding basic economic principles, let alone human nature?


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