New Oregon law suspends graduation testing requirement

Excuses, excuses, excuses.

” does not remove any requirements that Oregon students learn essential skills” Maybe not, but let’s don’t check to be sure.

“a number of children who don’t test well,” Chase said, including children of color” Perhaps the real issue is finding out why and then fixing why they don’t test well.

If you don’t have basic skills in math, reading and writing, you aren’t going anywhere and even a $15 minimum wage won’t help.

Saying the inability to test well is “not a deficit on the part of those children.” is nonsense. Not having the ability to demonstrate and, in fact, acquire those skills sure is … for the rest of their lives.

I know nothing about Oregon schools, but I would bet that a significant percentage of the children are not proficient in these skills.

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — A new Oregon law that suspends a requirement for a basic-skills test in math, reading and writing to graduate high school is being praised by advocates as a way to rethink education standards and sharply criticized by others as a misguided effort that will hurt children’s learning in the long run.

Democratic Gov. Kate Brown signed Senate Bill 744 last month without much attention. The measure temporarily eliminates essential-skills testing through the 2022-2023 school year. That requirement had been put on a hold amid the coronavirus pandemic, which forced the closure of many schools and students to learn remotely.

“Senate Bill 744 does not remove Oregon’s graduation requirements, and it certainly does not remove any requirements that Oregon students learn essential skills,” department spokesman Marc Siegel told Portland TV station KATU.

Rashelle Chase, founder of Mxm Bloc, an advocacy group led by Black women and focused on education and other social justice issues, said certain children struggle with exams and had been hurt by the testing requirements.

“Under the best of circumstances, in totally normal times with no pandemic, there are a number of children who don’t test well,” Chase said, including children of color, those in need of special education, low-income students and early language learners. She added that it’s “not a deficit on the part of those children.”


Source: New Oregon law suspends graduation testing requirement | WJHL | Tri-Cities News & Weather


  1. I could tell you how in 1980, I had to pass a competency test to graduate high school. Or how in 1980 you had to take a competency test when you enrolled in any NJ college because the state DOE knew that there was grade inflation and students were just being pushed through NJ as well as other states high schools. But I won’t.

    Life is a test everyday and it appears Oregon will just push their students through and give them more excuses and they can play victim.

    I do have a solution. To graduate, every child, without help other than provided written instructions, must successfully fill out a job application, select their healthcare provider and determine its required deduction, select a percentage for their 401K, fill out a W-4, determine the fed and state income tax weekly deduction, Medicare, and social security tax deductions. Then they must figure out their net pay and then file a 1040EZ based on minimum wage earnings.

    One of two things will happen. The kids will learn to do basic reading, writing, and arithmetic or the government will have to simplify the tax paperwork so that the kids can pass. This could be a win-win.

    Or not. The feds could just make the tax forms such that you state how much you earn is how much you owe and the feds will give you what money they think you need to live on like in any socialist or communist country in a refund.


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