Get your house in order. Nah, why bother, more is more.

The reality is, and for years has been, this:

“Notwithstanding recent favorable developments, current-law projections indicate that Medicare still faces a substantial financial shortfall that will need to be addressed with further legislation. Such legislation should be enacted sooner rather than later to minimize the impact on beneficiaries, providers, and taxpayers.”

“The expenditure projections reflect the cost-reduction provisions required under current law but not the payment reductions and/or delays that would result from the HI trust fund depletion. In the year of asset depletion, which is projected to be 2026 in this report, HI revenues are projected to cover 90 percent of incurred program costs.” Last 2020 Medicare Trustee Report

Then in 2021 we have this:

“Health insurance for America’s older population would be expanded under a $3.5 trillion budget plan released Monday by Senate Democrats.”

“As part of the budget blueprint, Medicare — relied on by most Americans once they reach the eligibility age of 65 — would cover dental, vision and hearing. Additionally, the age when people can sign up for the insurance would also be lowered, although it’s uncertain whether it would be age 60 as President Joe Biden has said he supports.”


  1. I’m hoping that Medicare will be changed to begin at age 62…If our politicians can financially support millions of illegal aliens it can/should also increase taxpayers retirement benefits…IMO.


    1. I’m thinking politicians will spend money on anything if they can find someone to tax – although paying for what you want doesn’t seem necessary these days.


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