NO, it is not just the wealthy who have benefited – or could

Somewhere between 55-60% +- of Americans are invested in the stock market. This does not include the millions of Americans who must rely on the stock market for the funding of their pension plans, (94% of public and 18% of private sector workers (not including current retirees). Pension plans hold over $8 trillion in investments.

They all participated in the bull market just as the billionaires did.

There is no reason the great majority of all Americans cannot also participate. Many funds have a very minimal initial investment requirement.

I have no doubt that I can find money to invest by diverting money from unnecessary and frivolous spending in 80% or more of American households.

The rhetoric spewing from politicians that only the wealthy have benefited at the expense of working families is misleading and inaccurate. It’s propaganda designed to divide Americans.


  1. I like Buffett’s idea that owning shares of stock, directly or through a mutual fund, literally makes one an owner of a company or companies; a very very small owner perhaps, but an owner nevertheless. If one thinks of himself as an owner rather than as an investor, it may influence how he views such topics as business earnings, corporate taxes, the financial sector’s absorbing 20+% of business earnings, and the myriad political “remedies” touted by various politicians and experts. If everyone, or at least the vast majority of us, became an owner, it would motivate more folks to learn more about these critically important topics and lead to a more constructive national conversation. That would be enormously preferable to the propaganda and demonizing of success spouted by some leaders and far too many gullible people believe this nonsense.


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