This is what is wrong with America today …

politicians creating envy and division using false narratives and false equivalency. They are trying to manipulate the public by creating scapegoats.

They play on the general ignorance of the public. And they fail to present the complete story of wealth achieved.

Musk’s wealth has nothing to do with Jayapal’s Tweet. And a wealth tax on him and others will not create jobs or livelihoods, quite possibly the opposite.


    1. A good portion of the economy is supported by the low and middle class consumer. That creates the demand that allows the wealthy to profit from them.


      1. Anyone who sells a product or service seeks a profit. It has nothing to do with the wealthy. Our economy is consumer driven. The super wealthy are the one who create industries, new businesses and often new sources of income for small business. Amazon uses 200,000 different suppliers.


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