The dumbest cause and affect statement I ever read

The reality is that most working Americans will continue to struggle to achieve retirement security because the ownership of financial assets is highly concentrated among the wealthiest.

Sep 1, 2021 Forbes
Stark And Growing Economic Inequality Fuels Retirement Insecurity
Dan Doonan Contributor
I’m executive director, National Institute on Retirement Security.

The inequality buzzword is used as the cause of everything from people not saving to overcooking the pasta.

Read the above quote carefully, focus on because. That implies that there are no financial assets available to average people, no growth potential and that the wealthy have sucked all the potential out of everyone else’s opportunities.


Tens of millions of Americans are prudently planning and investing for their retirement. Tens of millions more could be doing better if they better managed their spending and exercised some fiscal discipline in their lives.

With the exception of those in chronic poverty or close to it, there is no excuse for not saving and investing for the future relative to ones income. Inequality has nothing to do with it. Build your own financial assets.


  1. I didn’t know that I couldn’t or shouldn’t have saved money in the various IRA and 401K available since I started working in 1978 BECAUSE the ownership of financial assets is highly concentrated among the wealthiest.

    Who knew? Where do I return all my savings and investment to? Those who refuse to save? Or do I give it to the wealthiest?

    My fear is that the government will soon take the money to fund their socialist programs so it won’t really matter.


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