Cradle to grave

Democrats in Congress are leading Americans down a dangerous path where they become addicted to social programs, where they believe they are all free and hence care nothing about the cost or liabilities created.

And where little thought is given to long-term consequences.

It’s very appealing if course; paid leave, free or subsidized child care and pre-k, free two years of college and new dental, vision and hearing benefits under Medicare … all paid for by a tiny percentage of taxpayers and corporations, forever.

Okay, I added the forever, but isn’t that what the progressives want you to believe? I have it, they only expect average American taxpayers to save Social Security and Medicare trust funds. LOL

One major difference between the social economy that Mr. Biden and congressional Democrats hope to create and the welfare state in Europe is how it would be paid for. Most European countries ask their citizens broadly to fund their social welfare programs, largely through a value added tax, a sales tax levied at each stage of a consumer good’s production. Source: New York Times 9-6-21

What they are talking about is the value added tax, (VAT) akin to about a 20% sales tax, but higher taxes and fees for those social economies go much further than just the VAT.

At the president’s insistence, the House and Senate tax-writing committees are to finance the bill’s spending with taxes on corporations and individuals with incomes over $400,000 a year.

New York Times 9-6-21


    1. This explains why the left claims the “rich don’t pay their fair share” but do not define “rich” nor “fair share”. I assumed, wrongly it appears, that it was common knowledge the tax burden for supporting generous government provided benefits in Scandinavian countries was broadly shared by all their taxpayers, not just their wealthy elite. It appears the strategy being followed by our progressive leaders is to buy votes now by promising benefits which we cannot afford, and once enacted, nobody will want to lose them. Which means, much higher taxes for everyone, not just the higher earners. Just like Scandinavian countries.

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