Political Medicare boon … and bust

Democrats who favor Medicare expansion have largely stayed quiet, given the sensitivity of the issue. But they see a political boon in the expansion approved by House committees last week. Seniors would see immediate coverage of vision care. In 2023, hearing would be added. Dental coverage, which would have to be created from scratch, would not begin until 2028.

New York Times 9-20-21

A “political boon,” don’t you love it?

In the meantime prescription drugs under Medicare Part D can cost some seniors thousands of dollars a year and the Medicare HI and Social Security trusts are being depleted.

I guess the political boon is more important than dull old adequate funding of past promises.

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  1. To paraphrase Richard Feynman and others: “The primary job of the scientist is to accurately and completely report how he did his experiment and what the results were, so that anyone else could repeat the same experiment and see for himself. Even if the results were not what he expected, hoped for or predicted, because only then can we learn anything.” This was his advice to young graduating scientists, but it could apply to anyone, including journalists. The theoretical division between reporting and editorials is thin to non-existent nowadays. When too many of them and the outlets which employ them must choose between following Feynman versus persuasion, they choose the latter and rationalize this by believing it is for “The Greater Good”. Personally, I prefer that people be accurately informed rather than persuaded by the media. So when politicians propose spending money we can’t afford on new entitlements in a blatant attempt to buy more votes, the leading newspaper sagely declares they see it as a “boon”. I say boondoggle.

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