No wonder …

politicians get away with this kind of logic, the US student proficiency scores in basic math and reading/language skills are embarrassing, and that is especially true in certain areas of the country and among black and Hispanic students.

What has a minimum wage increase to do with any government agency budget? Healthcare for all for $25 billion? [that is equal to about 12 days of current Medicare spending]

If only the aid actually went to those most in need. I have no doubt there is substantial waste in the defense budget and all government budgets for that matter and that includes giving aid to millions of American who do not need it.

I have one word for those with simplistic ideas about defense and the rest of the world.


While we are mentioning the math proficiency to understand the nonsense of political rhetoric, what is also true is the US is quite far down the list when compared with many Asian countries.

Teenagers in the United States continue to lag behind their peers in East Asia and Europe in reading, math and science, according to results of an international exam that suggest U.S. schools are not doing enough to prepare young people for the competitive global economy.

The Washington Post

Oh yeah, let’s make college free for those students unprepared for college, or possibly not much else in this complex world.

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