Here is the 2022 Social Security COLA

Based on the average of the CPI-W for July, August and September 2021 compared with the average for the same period in 2021 …

The 2022 COLA is 5.9%


  1. I believe Medicare premiums are supposed to come out in November, however from what I read, possibly it will be $157. from various information I have seen,, hopefully it won’t be that much. I hope the Senior leagues request for a 1400 stimulus i for seniors is passed however, they are saying fat chance, as even 5.9 won’t hack it with electricity delivery charges going sky high water increasing insurances HOA gas for our cars and food. In my budget everything has increased, and in my case a little over $100 hardly covers the increase in costs!
    Thanks, though for the update on COLA


    1. The benefits are based on earnings, not taxes paid so whatever the earnings are included will reflect the benefits eventually received. The lower ones earnings though the greater proportional benefits because the benefit formula is skewed toward lower income.


  2. I know a lot of seniors are going to be happy with the 5.9% COLA. Just a reminder that last year was 1.3%. The increase in the COLA just shows how bad inflation is this year in case you haven’t notice it at stores.


    1. Good point. If inflation eases as some “experts” believe, then we win, if it continues high, we just tread water or worse.


      1. I’m confused about your comment that if inflation eases, we win. Isn’t the COLA predicated on past inflation, so what we get as a result of the COLA is to get us back what we’ve already lost. Make it even up. Future inflation has nothing to do with the past COLA; it just starts the new round.


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