Quarantined …

I am in the middle of my third COVID quarantine.

The first was aboard a ship while during a 30- cruise around South American in January 2020 COVID broke out and several people died. We were quarantined in our cabins for several weeks and eventually transferred to another ship at sea and then hustled on to buses and planes to get home.

I wasn’t aware a friend we were traveling with was so sick she ended up in the ICU after returning home, but thankfully recovered.

The next quarantine was when we arrived home and our 55+ condo association rightfully expected us to again quarantine for two weeks.

The current quarantine is because I contacted COVID and the health department strongly suggested this one. How I got it I’ll never know, I thought I was careful, I wear a mask indoor shopping, especially if there is a modest group of people. We have gone out to eat but try and sit away from others.

From my previous two quarantines I have learned that it is possible to walk a mile or two within a 2,000 sf condo. 😎

And yes, I have been fully vaccinated since last February and thankful for being so. I have what is called a breakthrough infection. the virus got beyond my Moderna vaccine shield, but actually that is the good news. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the positive results so I asked to be retested using a new sample and a different machine – same result.

Because of the vaccine my symptoms were mostly mild. I acquired a bad cough for several days, runny and stuffed nose and tired, all of which are mostly gone today – no fever. I see that as a very good thing given that I am prone to bouts of asthma which could complicate matters. I hesitate to speculate the possible outcome had I not been vaccinated.

There is no logical reason not be be vaccinated, there are no reported adverse reactions sufficient to warrant not getting vaccinated – the headlines rarely tell you the incidence is a small fraction of one percent. How can any intelligent, informed person conclude that risks from not being vaccinated are better than being vaccinated is well beyond my comprehension.


  1. ” The next quarantine was when we arrived home and our 55+ condo association rightfully expected us to again quarantine for two weeks.”

    Quinn, do you rent or own your condo?



  2. Many of my family (Mississippi and Illinois) are adamantly unvaccinated. One nephew passed away (Covid) last month, after a gruelling month in ICU. It resulted in at least a few getting the shots. A few. Words escape me.


    1. Must be hard headed. I would have thought that if they had seen that almost all of the folks in ICU aren’t going to be walking out that would have caused a re-estimation in their minds. There is none so blind as he who will not see…


  3. I cannot for the life of me figure out why a friend who is severely compromised thinks that she will forego the vaccine because she has heard of many who died from complications. Maybe that number is less than 1%? Anyway, I hope she survives without getting it, but I truly feel she is taking a big chance. Glad you made it through Dick & sorry for those who have not!


    1. Sadly she is the victim of the misinformation campaigns and fear mongering by poorly informed people easily manipulated. There are many like that. The number of serious adverse reactions is way less than 1%


      1. She believes it is you who are the victim of misinformation.

        “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” ?

        Trouble is, in IMHO, some genuinely disagree, and some “disagree” for political reasons.


  4. “How can any intelligent, informed person conclude that risks from not being vaccinated are better than being vaccinated is well beyond my comprehension.”

    Well, Kyrie thinks the earth is flat.


  5. I’m also glad that you came through COVID relatively unscathed. My wife didn’t. Both of us had the vaccine shots in March and April. We both got COVID in early September. We went in for the Monoclonal treatment because we weren’t getting better. Unfortunately, it was too late for her. She passed on 09/23/2021. I’m devastated. Period. From my perspective, get the shot. It will help. Sara was the only person who was vaccinated in the ICU. They thought that they could save her. They were wrong. Virtually every other person in the ICU that had COVID was unvaccinated. They all die. Antibiotics don’t seem to work on the Delta strain.


    1. Me too.

      Live long and prosper!

      May I take this opportunity to thank Mr. Quinn for this blog?

      The information is great, particularly in my case the “widows penalty” and Roth IRA articles, right now, I think is helping us prepare financially for single life for… we don’t know which one.

      Thanks also for the forum to disagree, respectfully. The man I admire most* raised nine children on a single, one (low) income job. And I think it is getting more difficult for those like him now. That is a disaster waiting to happen, not just for the low income, but for everyone.

      *Dad, of course.


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