But they can’t pay a prescription co-pay?

Yes, a massive generalization, but very real in many, many situations. Spending on health care always comes last in our willingness to spend.


  1. Because of inflation I am now paying $27 more to fill my 18 gallon tank than I did when I purchased my 2020 Ford Edge, Being retired I do not dive much, about 1 tank per month. The 5.9% SS cola in Jan will cover my increased Medicare premium and my gas, but not much else. I am sure glad I have other retirement income besides SS. I believe many more low income families will be hurt much more by inflation than the retirement class. This means higher benefits being paid out from all our safety net programs. I guess the corrupt political elite will not be happy until most American families have to turn to these programs for help. At some point taxes will have to go up just to cover the interest on the debt. Even a 25% Federal income tax for all will not fix this mess.


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