Medicare is socialized medicine❓❓❓❓❓

I’ve been thinking, what’s the big difference between Medicare and private insurance that causes people to reject some form of Medicare for all?

I put three polls out on two Facebook groups and Twitter. Not by any means scientific, but in all three cases the majority (2-1) did not want to pay significantly higher payroll taxes to obtain universal coverage like Medicare.

How does one conclude that Medicare is government run health care, it’s insurance.


Government run along with private insurers

Funded through dedicated taxes, premiums and general revenue

Freedom to use any physician or facility in the USA that participates – nearly all

Uses modest deductibles

Minimal intervention or oversight of health care provided

Coverage can be changed by federal laws and regulations

No out of pocket limit on patient spending

Coverage guaranteed

Generally desirable to purchase supplemental coverage

Health Insurance

Private insurance companies

Funded by individual and employer premiums

Generally limited to providers within a network sometimes limited networks

Deductibles can be high

Typically employs pre-approval of some care and also retrospective review

Coverage can be changed by insurer, employer or state insurance laws

Typically applies an individual and family limit on out of pocket costs

Underwriting may apply

Additional coverage not necessary


  1. I did not see any of your polls, but as a youngster here these are my misconceptions. 1) nobody wants more taxes taken out except from the rich so that is understandable on your results. 2) when I was working, I always thought Medicare was free. Part A is free. I retired at 55 and as I started to pay attention about these Medicare supplements ads on TV, did I learn about Parts B,D, etc. I did not know that Part B premiums get taken from Social Security checks. Yes you can go to any doctor, BUT only if they accept Medicare vs being told that you have to go to this list of doctors. 3) If I had no real concept or personal use of Medicare I can tell you that I have no experience using England’s NHS. But because I do my own thinking I don’t believe Amerian Media or politicians. The NHS is like the worst kind of an American style HMO as far as choices, drugs, doctors and resources that are limited and rationed.

    I never saw a comparison list like this or if I did, I didn’t care. I suspect they most people do not give Medicare another thought until they are 65. I also bet it takes them a few years to learn the ins and outs of Medicare, longer if they are healthy.

    Finally, people understand what insurance is when applying it to everything else but health care. Maybe it is because you get treated first then billed? When you total your car, the insurance company tells you that you car will cost $10k to fix but it is only worth $8k so here is a check minus the deductible for $7500.
    Can you imagine waiting in the ER for an insurance adjuster to tell you that your broken arm will cost $10k to fix and you only have a $5k policy. If you did that, people would finally understand that it is health insurance.


      1. It is not legal for a doctor to not accept a new Medicare patient UNLESS their practice is full and they are not accepting any new patients.

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