What should she do?

True story…I am 52, have absolutely zero savings, assests, investments, pension, ira, 401k, etc. I have no money other than what I make week to week. Single, no children, will not be inheriting anything, rent an apartment. What do I do?

Facebook retirement group post

So, I asked, why is all that true. The reply was “personal choice”. Later she mentioned she also has $30,000 in credit card debt.

Based on what she stated was her projected Social Security benefit, she appears to be earning between $65,000 and $70,000 – which the poster confirmed.

It won’t be easy digging out of this hole and unless she plans on Social Security starting at age 70, retirement won’t be likely and perhaps not pleasant.

I can’t help but think how Sen Sanders and friends would characterize this story – living paycheck to paycheck, struggling working Americans, reason for higher Social Security benefits – probably blame Musk and CEOs

Personal choice‼️


  1. Bernie and friends love to take a SPECIFIC case like this and spin it into a GENERAL statement as evidence for their agendas. Unfortunately, many people take his ravings at face value without giving it any thought.


    1. As I was reading this, I was waiting for the cause to be a medical condition, a car accident and can’t work type of thing, something, anything.
      She needs to go to Walmart and think real hard if she wants to be a Walmart greeter at age 80 or she can pay off her debt and get a second job now. And I still don’t know how much security that will give her if she saves her money.
      I don’t feel sorry for her in the least. I had neighbors that were a God loving family, special needs sons, medical problems, but both parents worked everyday. The husband could barely walk to the bus stop. Sometimes they went weeks without electricity and we only found out after the fact. They got some government help now and then but they never ask the neighbors for handouts. Some how at Christmas the neighbors were always able to give them gifts like gift cards to the grocery store and able to give them rides to appointments when they let us. These are the people I want my taxes to help because they are trying to help themselves. My neighbors are working hard and should be able to retire too but will probably go from working straight to a nursing home.

      This lady made her own bed.


      1. True. Personal choice.

        She made her own bed.

        Yet, I can’t help but feel her pain. Having no family is pain in itself. What does she have a future for? It sounds like someone who has no hope. Live for today,…likely to deaden the pain from being alone. But who knows?

        I have a friend in similar circumstances, never married, no kids; but he is in assisted living despite having 8 living siblings that he has no relationship with. He has enough money for 2 years of care. At 71 years old and can’t be on his own, then what?

        There are a million stories like these all around us. We can pat ourselves on the back for working hard and preparing for our sunset years. We did the wise thing. This 52 year old woman’s story is not ours. I still feel for her.


  2. So many people are in this “boat..” Too many years of living to please desires and not saving. Everyone can save something, and that compounds no matter how small !!! Most of these people find money for Starbucks double white mocha lattes and weekly expenditures on lottery tickets. They should be saving this money. No excuse for taking those cruises. Just saying.

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