What the heck do you expect people to say in such a survey when none of us wants to use our money to pay medical bills? I especially like the “not worth the cost” part.

Good thing Medicare for All will be free with no out-of-pocket costs either. 🤑 Wouldn’t it be nice if we received an honest and complete explanation of what M4A means and how it would be paid for instead of just throwing around buzzwords?


  1. I think healthcare is “worth it” but am I getting value for my money? It is hard to see how someone in the developed world cannot see how healthcare is not worth it compared to some 3rd world countries where people can died just from an infected scratch.
    But sometimes I don’t think I get value for my money. Too many test that find nothing. Often the insurance company makes me get an X-ray when I know that I’ll be getting an MRI from past practice on my knee. I guess that is more of wasting money in my opinion. I know, that one time that I don’t get the test will be the time something is missed. But is there any value to the excessive covid testing now? I know somebody who has had covid, got the shots, but still is required to be tested weekly. Is it doing or preventing anything but making money for the test makers?

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  2. When people answer survey questions they generally follow the subliminal bias of the survey.

    I.E. Do you believe our Health care system works for you?

    Do you support a Medicare for all system?

    Rather than answer a survey like this one…. What are the best attributes of our current Health care system.

    What specific changes would you recommend to our HC system.

    These later questions would challenge the participant to come up with reasons not just support the agenda of the previous questions.

    I usually throw out leading questionnaires.

    Bill Mitchell

    Make a positive difference in someone’s life today. Bill Mitchell


  3. The healthy 25 year old doesn’t see any need for a doctor on the horizon. They would of course say health insurance is “not wort it”.


  4. Does M4A mean for “All” really … low income mid income, high income and most important ALL OUR POLITICIANS? … Hmmm What criteria will be established that M4A must meet. metrics What performance metrics must be met before implemented, what state will be the test case for a one year trial … etc.?


  5. Not worth it? Regardless of cost, issues, think of how life, life expectancy, everything has changed, improved … there is no way to know how life would have been, but it would have been worse … no doubt.

    Worth it? What is improved, longer life worth …

    If it isn’t worth it, what do folks think it was worth … ask them to put a price tag on it ….

    Bernie knows that no price is too high for someone else to pay. He’s a true believer in socialism.

    Just think what America would be like if guys like him were in charge. Remember, even the Democrats realized in 2020 that he’s such a loser.


    1. Interesting that the personal cost of medical care is so much lower in countries with “socialized” systems. Of course, nothing is free. How can you justify America having the most expensive system, while not even in the top 20 rating for treatment?

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      1. You have to be careful when looking at overall world rankings, it’s not always what is seems to be. You also must consider that the top ranked countries have populations a fraction of the size of California. Personal cost should include not only the cost at the point of service, but the real cost in terms of taxes. Keep in mind too that every system employs measure to control costs – some of those measures Americans would consider rationing.

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      2. If you compare like populations, most of the disparities in terms of health, mortality and morbidity disappear. I certainly agree however that the massive American investment that far exceeds that paid in other countries is an abuse. Solution? Price controls such as those imposed elsewhere would impede supply, create rationing. There are options – however, so long as idiots like Bernie continue to tout free stuff (that others must pay for), that won’t lower costs, just shift them.

        Long ago we compared health care cost management to squeezing a balloon – just pops out in other places.

        Happy to share solution, unfortunately no one is interested in a practical outcome.

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      3. Exactly. Give me your points on a solution – hopefully covering 100% of the population- and I’ll post it.

        Dick Richard D Quinn Blogging at Quinnscommentary.net and HumbleDollar.com Twitter @quinnscomments


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