The fly in the Medicare for All ointment – misinformation.

I took this chart from Twitter. While it makes some valid observations, it also misleads on both funding and benefits … and mostly about feasibility.

Actually all the above is absurd. Note the words “affordable premiums.” And then look at the promises of free healthcare for any and all healthcare, including long-term care and prescription drugs – no deductibles or co-pays and with the implication of no oversight on type or amount of care obtained.

Note “the government funds” public health insurance. I wonder where the funding comes from? Have they left out a little thing like taxes?

This type of nonsense is not helpful. You simply cannot have 100% coverage for every conceivable health care need and “affordable premiums” without massive tax-based funding and then the proposed design makes it virtually impossible to control costs going forward.


  1. What a joke! I suspect that people who cry “Medicare For All!” aren’t the people
    who are actually receiving Medicare!

    If Medicare is so great, why do so many Medicare recipients find themselves in need of a Medicare Advantage Plan as well? I find most of the general population is completely ignorant of this fact. They blissfully believe no one pays Medicare premiums and Medicare covers everything 100%. Hah!

    I have SSDI and I pay more
    for health insurance (Medicare and Part C which also includes dental) than my husband pays through his employer plan.

    And no, we are not the rich people the media is so fond of talking about. Our combined gross income is five figures not six.

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  2. Healthcare in this country is nearing 20% of GDP. That is a lot of money and under a totally free system would only rise. The people who tweet these schemes have no clue. I totally disregard anything from the extreme left especially the Sanders, Warren, Reich cohorts.

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  3. I can make the proposed Improved M4A chart even simpler. Income based Premium, check. It called income tax. If there is no co-pays, no deductibles, any doctor, any hospital,
    why do you need an insurance card? It is no longer insurance at this point. It is a free service without any restrictions. There is no chance of financial ruin so it can’t be “insurance”. You should just walk in the door and be treated.
    The biggest flaw I see in that chart is Congress. They refuse to properly fund Social Security so why would I think that they would properly fund M4A?
    And if I can go to any doctor or any hospital, I want to be flown to John Hopkins Hospital for every sneeze I get. Will I have to bribe the receptionist to get an appointment at the best doctor’s office since everybody can go to any doctor? Do I need to make reservations 6 months in advance to get a hospital bed at John Hopkins for my heart attack?
    Nowhere in the US Constitution is healthcare a Right. But if the only thing that is guaranteed in life is death and taxes, then why is attempt suicide illegal? Is it because the government wants more taxes? If that is the case the government should provide free healthcare.

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