I love this headline

Americans Will See Health Premiums Rise Sharply Unless Congress Acts Soon

It’s from the Center for American Progress.

The fact is premiums have moderated, with only modest increases. What they are talking about is the portion of the premium the insured pays as a result of Obamacare subsidies.

A more accurate statement would be “Americans using the ACA could see an increase in their share of premiums.”

But, of course, that wouldn’t be as catchy. 🙄


  1. I wouldn’t surprised if private insurance rates jump with all the “free” covid related, extra tests, and delayed treatments for other illnesses start to be factored into the rates.

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  2. Not only would it not be so catchy, it might reflect badly on the ACA. My wife (before we met) had to sign up for ACA for a year. She was appalled at the high out-of-pocket expenses. She said it was like flushing money down the toilet every month.

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