Responsibility for the funding of college. Who pays? 

Should individuals, such as students and their parents, be on their own in paying for higher education, or should the government assume some or all of this responsibility?

Source: Responsibility for the funding of college: Where does the public stand?

Ah, the government. That entity with no connection to the taxpaying citizens of the USA.

Who should pay for our education system K through 12? Government of course. Everyone knows a basic education is free. But how come 50% of my $12,500 property tax bill goes to funding our local schools?

No matter how you slice it, it’s the citizens who are responsible to pay for everything, everything. Thanks to the despicable tactics of our politicians much of that responsibility gets past on to the next generation.

Some people want government to forgive student loans. Exactly who would be using whose money to forgive freely and knowingly incurred loans intended to improve the individuals economic status?

The national average starting salary for a college graduate is $50,000 in 2021. But many degree areas are much higher.

The weekly median earnings for full-time wage or salary workers in the United States in the second quarter of 2021 amounted to $990. It translates to a yearly income of approximately $51,480.

Why should the average American worker – and retirees – fund loan forgiveness for the more fortunate with significantly higher earnings potential?

There is no student loan crisis, the crisis is illogical thinking.


  1. Paying off existing loans is a (slightly) different question than who should pay for higher education.
    I received a BA from California State University system, tuition free. As opposed the UC system, (University of California). CSU is no longer “free” since about 1984.

    “…loans intended to improve the individuals economic status.” can be a benefit to society, as well as the individual.

    Even education in the arts can be a public benefit. Man does not live by bread alone.

    I believe California —had— the right idea, that higher education should be a “right” paid for by the state (that’s me and you), like roads, flood control, and other infrastructure. For those who choose and can afford it (even with loans) for whatever reason, private colleges should also be available.*

    Very motivated individuals even today can get “free” education through grants/scholarships/etc., but higher, no cost education should be more accessible even for average students. You never know where the next cancer cure may come from.

    *My nephew got a recruitment letter from Harvard. His Dad said he had no intention of applying. He didn’t want the pressure of being an Ivy Leaguer. Also didn’t want the stress of having to work in the fact that they went to Harvard into every conversation, for the rest of his life.


  2. The student or parent should pay. We paid for our daughters college and law school and private schools we worked hard to get her through and pay all the expenses.

    Public schools only patents that have children in schools should be paying not seniors or couples with no children going to the schools should be paying. They spent millions on a high school in Ocean City, NJ. Why because they just raise everyone’s taxes to pay for it. Maybe take it out of the politicians pockets would be a good idea they want to support public schools to promote their agenda.

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    1. How would the system work if only families with children in school pay taxes to support the schools?

      That’s like saying only people who use health care should pay premiums.

      In both cases nothing would be affordable. That’s not how a society functions.


      Richard D Quinn Blogging at and @quinnscomments



  3. If student debt forgiveness wasn’t another vote buying scheme, you would never hear about it. Just look at who is pushing it. Comrade Bernie, Fauxcahontas, Chuck Shumer.


  4. The study surveyed 1200 people in 5-year increments and finally got the answer I think they wanted. More people favoring a tax supported education. This isn’t surprising since colleges are largely tax supported in some way or another either through favorable tax treatment for the campus, tax breaks for donations and large endowments, various grants to faculty for research and various government programs to support student tuition and living arrangements. That is the private college side, the public higher ed business is all tax paid except for some percentage reserved for collection in the form of fees and tuition. What they want is the whole hog. None of this nasty loan business. Should taxpayers go ahead and fund the rest of the bill for the students? I think not.
    I say go if you want and can pay or go ahead and enter the work world and take some online stuff. The rate of completion online is low but a motivated person can do well. I’m not talking high priced for profit online stuff but google some free opportunities online.


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