Let’s get real about M4A

I am enrolled in Medicare, the standard premium is $170.10 which is about 25% of the cost of Part B. Medicare has both inpatient and out-patient deductibles and co-payments and no out-of-pocket limit.

To reduce possible out of pocket expenses I purchase supplemental coverage at $235.72 per month which covers the Part A deductible and all co-payments, but not the part B deductible.

I also have Part D which has a deductible and co-payments and for many drugs, significant out-of-pocket costs. That coverage costs me $23.50.

Imagine what it would cost for existing Medicare to eliminate all forms of deductibles and co-pays? Nothing right?

Given all the promises for M4A based on the efficiency of Medicare, why doesn’t Congress simply eliminate all cost sharing for existing Medicare beneficiaries?

In the bizarre world of progressive economics those changes should be cost neutral.

But they wouldn’t be‼️

Enthusiastic proponents claim M4A can be provided to all Americans with no out-of-pocket costs plus adding, dental, vision and hearing coverage and in some cases, long-term care as well. They claim there will be no net cost because for-profit insurance will be eliminated (including Medicare Advantage?) and administrative efficiencies will be achieved.

What are your expectations?


  1. My expectations are the left wing nut jobs will continue to spout nonsense about everything will be free while the rest of us will continue to pay the premiums as usual.

    I have looked all over the local garden center and could not find a money tree anywhere that I could plant in the back yard. I doubt seriously that Warren, Sanders and crew have found one either.


    1. U.S. currency paper is a blend of 75 percent cotton and 25 percent linen. No trees involved – just cotton and flax plants.


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