Americans can expect to pay a lot more for medical care in retirement

A 65-year-old couple retiring in 2022 will spend an average $315,000 in health-care and medical expenses in their retirement, according to Fidelity Investments. That’s 5% higher than last year.

Source: Americans can expect to pay a lot more for medical care in retirement

Don’t panic, those estimates are based on spending over 25-30 years. Add up any ongoing expenses over that period of time and you will get a big number.

Over my retirement years, based on current expenses, my property taxes may well equal $360,000 and my HOA fees another $313,200.


  1. As an American, I expect to pay a lot more for things 30 years from including medical care. It has been that way my whole adult life. Although there may be some shock value to get people to save more for retirement, it is really a useless figure. An annual or monthly number might be more useful to figure out the required income stream needed at retirement.
    Wait a year or two as our current rate of inflation and energy gets factored into all medical pricing.


  2. If you were age 65 today, the average spend (and averages can be deceiving, high or low) is about $5,500 per person per year.


    1. I’d be glad to pay only $5,500/person per year. I’m 65 on Medicare and have supplemental insurance. You know how you get calls from people wanting to sell you supplemental? Due to my medical profile, my prescriptions are expensive.


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