Want to tame inflation?

Stop buying stuff‼️

Of course it’s not that simple, we have to eat and go places, but we don’t have to spend money that is not necessary.

No where is that more relevant than in government – – a primary cause of inflation.

As Secretary Yellen recently explained, “an appropriate budgetary stance is needed to complement monetary policy actions.” That means paying for new legislation, unwinding COVID relief, avoiding ill-advised measures that would worsen inflation such as student loan cancellation, and putting forward meaningful deficit reduction that lowers prices and tamps down on demand.

Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget


  1. Stop buying stuff‼️

    For the record, it’s called homeostasis,* and the trick is to not let it go too extreme. Either way.



    1. There isn’t anything credible about President Biden. I didn’t vote for him the other times he ran for President. Neither major party candidate merited my vote in 2016 or 2020. It would be different if some of President Biden’s actions were practical, made sense – but they do not. Identify even one action he took that has improved the majority of American’s lives.

      He is a walking, talking, stumbling, mumbling contradiction. And, that is being generous! Here’s an easy example – energy. Immediately upon taking office, he curtailed new leases for drilling, prevented new pipeline development, reduced areas for offshore drilling. He encouraged agencies like the SEC to discourage financing of new fossil fuel projects. Next came higher mileage requirements and increased ethanol blending – eeven though ethanol is injurious to the environment and wasteful (especially fresh water). Next, phase out dependable coal-fired power plants, thwart new mining projects for precious metals (for green eneergy batteries and other components). He then greenlit Nord Stream II without getting any concessions from Russia – leave the Crimea why don’t you. He resumed talks with Iran without pre-conditions. This was 100% consistent with what he said on the campaign trail – we’ll transition out of fossil fuels, there’s no place in the Biden Administration for coal and other fossil fuels.

      Then, upon recognizing that his actions created the current energy crisis, one that rivals that of Nixon, Ford and Carter in the 1970’s, now that he knows we are no longer energy “independent” (producing as much as we use, net exports > imports), he does what:
      (1) Blames Putin
      (2) Tries to cut a deal with Venezuela,
      (3) Tries to cut a deal with Iran,
      (4) Looks for an excuse to go to Saudi Arabia and figuratively beg for oil – from a kingdom that he said, when he was running for president, that he would make into an international pariah.

      What of the above actions and assertions make anything President Biden does “credible”?

      I have called Trump an idiot more times than I (or you) can count. What an opportunity he had, and wasted.

      For example, even though I did not vote for him, I sent him a note early on to suggest that he step out of the immigration issue (get out of the line of fire) and instead, gather former Presidents George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Jimmy Carter (if they want to participate), combine with some R’s and D’s who worked on the 2013 bill and come up with a comprehensive immigration reform bill – to update the 1986 Act (especially John McCain, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Jeff Flake). He could have gotten his wall built using revenues from immigration. He could have resolved the “dreamers” issue – perhaps creating a pathway to citizenship that would require clean, non-criminal living, as self-supporting taxpayers for a decade or two. He could have changed the immigration priority to a skills basis and increased the number allowed (no longer based on family status), etc. He could have had folks change and strengthen the asylum requirements – instead of the facade we have today.

      There were many others. For example, I suggested to him and Senator McCain that the best way to change Health Reform was not to repeal and replace, but to take advantage of existing provisions already part of the 2010 Health Reform legislation – allowing states to experiment with Medicaid and other waiver provisions – introducing a superior, but experimental design in a few states to field test.

      Brandon, like Bernie, Pocahontas and Sandy Cortez are fools – and that is the nicest thing I can say. The cabinet leadership is almost as bad – no experience folks chosen based on identity as much as qualifications (Harris, Buttigieg, Haaland, Becerra, Mayorkas, etc.) I don’t waste my time writing to them, suggesting alternatives, because bipartisan has been excised from their dictionary. I still do approach folks like Democratic Senators Corey Booker, Sherrod Brown, Ben Cardin and Ben Ray Luján.

      The former group’s only goal is to expand government – and to have those who didn’t vote for them pay – allowing them to use those monies to buy votes. These are the same folks who want to expand entitlements (forgive student loans, enhance social security, create a guaranteed income as part of the green new deal, etc.) and send the bill to people who didn’t go to college, those who went and paid off their student loans, those too young to vote or generations yet unborn.

      If the fact that they are fools and worthy of nicknames somehow overcomes the facts and data I present triggers a loss of credibility, so be it – that’s the price I will have to pay. Someone has to step up and identify just how badly the current cadre of government leadership is.


  2. The committee statement above seems to attribute the solution to inflation as positions expressed by Janet Yellen. She has done no such thing. She has in fact argued that the ARP was not inflationary and that student debt cancellation would likely be good for the economy.


  3. Time for feds to embrace zero based budget, where anything in excess of must do’s must be linked to specific revenues(taxes). Else, no end in sight.

    No chance that Congress has that discipline. Brandon would need to adopt a policy of veto for any legislation that is not linked to a specific revenue source – no more omnibus bills nor continuing resolutions.

    With slim majorities, it would be interesting to see whether there are votes to override his veto.


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