So you want European style social benefits

Looks pretty bad right? But now consider the taxes citizens pay.

In the Netherlands the social security payroll tax on workers is 27% – it does cover more than just retirement benefits though. The standard value added tax (VAT) is 21% and the top income tax rate is about 50% along with other assorted taxes such a tax on on the purchase of a car – based on emissions. A standard emission car has a tax of about $7,000.

There is no easy way to compare one country to another – despite frequent attempts by Sen Sanders. Generous social benefits must be paid for by all the citizens of a country. Politicians who promise more and more based on the other guy paying are fools or liars. It’s just that simple.

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  1. You pointed out the VAT and cars sales taxes. You can add the fuel tax and out right cost of gasoline too. Some of these countries have populations and the area of only one or two of our States. Their population centers are often along rivers due to mountains and how the country was developed thousands of years ago. The USA has many “fly over” states that lack the population to support everything from mass transit to hospitals. Many of those countries were rebuilt from the ground up following wars last century. We have more liberties and freedoms than most of those countries too. So what does this have to do with healthcare? One size cannot fit all. What might work in NYC probably won’t work in farm country of North Dakota. Americans value keeping what they earn. Although, Covid has accelerated trading freedom for a nanny state.


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