Americans are unique … is that good?

The United States is among the lowest taxed countries in the world. We don’t even make the top ten in any category – income, national sales or corporate taxes. On the other hand, we are well into the top ten when it comes to debt to GDP ratio – and still growing.

Mention higher taxes – even to sustain important programs like Social Security and Medicare and Americans go nuts. Point out the growing national debt being used to provide more goodies we don’t pay for and most Americans don’t give a hoot.

Egged on by our politicians, we are conditioned to believe only certain citizens need pay for what we want. Recall the words “fair share.”

We are mislead about true costs. Budget schemes are used by Congress to justify unfunded spending. We are told what we deserve, entitled to. Crises are manufactured to justify more spending without regard to resources.

We are, in fact, a society of spoiled individuals not wanting to face the truth with politicians too cowardly to tell us.

This isn’t going to end well.


  1. Of course not all budget busters are goodies. The US spends more on military than anybody else. That could be considered goodies to a lot of weaponry makers. Add veterans health care, pensions, and wounded care. I’m a veteran so not picking on the military but it is bloated way out of proportion by lobbyists and politicians.
    When money is too easy to spend, then spend is what the elected elites will do. I don’t like higher taxes because they aren’t needed. Some garden variety thrift is needed.


    1. I think the movie Pentagon Wars sums up military spending. I am all for tech for the military because it will save lives. How we get there is often through the creedy pockets of others.


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