What’s your budget personality?

Here is an interesting exercise. We all have our view of government spending and debt and it’s proper role in supporting society. Find out your budget personality by taking the simple quiz in the link below. I turned out to be an Enterpriser.

“The Enterpriser believes in limited government with a low level of federal debt. However, Enterprisers do believe the federal government has a role to play in making sure the country has a strong future with well-educated children and targeted future-oriented investments.”

Last week, the White House published the President’s plan for the federal budget and the new fiscal year. This new budget would cut projected federal debt by roughly $3 trillion largely by increasing taxes on corporations and individuals who bring home more than $400,000 per year; despite these efforts, the debt will still grow by $19 trillion over the decade. Read more about the President’s budget here.

Now the question is, how does the President’s plan line up with your budgeting beliefs and personality?  

They say, ‘personality is everything’, and when it comes to planning a budget, this phrase still rings true. Whether you’re a Big Spender, a Futurist, a Caretaker, or a Minimalist, everyone has a Budget Personality. Don’t know which one you are? No worries – the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget has got your back! Check out the Budget Personality quiz, answer a few simple questions about how you think the government should be budgeting and find out what kind of personality you have.

Like the Budget Personality quiz? Check out some of our other interactive tools available in the Budgeting for The Future suite here

Give it a try and let us know


  1. I am a little bit shocked that I am a enterpriser. I thought I would be more of a minimalist or an individualist. I can seem to find definitions or traits for these titles.

    The US debt is a big problem for my grandkids. I am for a strong military. Government is too big and yet they don’t take care of the things we got like roads. Our tax code it too big and unfair and by unfair I mean that there are too many exceptions for this or that. The government tries everything to redistribute wealth from families that have spent generations taking risks and earning it to those who don’t earn their financial security.


  2. “This new budget would cut projected federal debt by roughly $3 trillion” – LIE

    The proposed budget will increase federal debt by an estimated $17 Trillion over the next ten years. What the President’s budget does is reduce the increase from a projected addition of $20+ Trillion to “ONLY” $17+ Trillion.

    All lies.

    Screw the quiz. No one gives a crap what you think anyway.

    Over the last 23 years, our elected representatives have added over $25+ Trillion in debt. We are at the debt limit today. And, there is no end in sight. Federal government spending is out of control and on auto pilot to ruin the lives of current and future generations of workers, those too young to vote, and generations yet unborn.


  3. I am a Minimalist. Smaller Government, stay out of our daily lives, the States should be responsible for all K-12 education, and do whatever necessary to greatly lower our national debt.


    1. They are mortgating your future, mine, and every other Americans. It isn’t “invest” – it is vote buying, and sending the bill to future taxpayers.


      1. If they “invest” in children and infrastructure, then it is good debt. Invest in the country’s seed corn. Part of the description of a Futurist is NOT burdening the next generation with all of the cost. We, the people, and therefore our politicians, are not good long term thinkers.


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