Fair taxation?

… Many Amer­i­cans want the rich and cor­po­ra­tions to pay a fairer share of taxes not be­cause of “pos­tur­ing in Washington but be­cause of their cor­rect per­cep­tion that wealth and its at­ten­dant po­lit­i­cal power are be­coming more con­cen­trated in fewer hands …

Excerpt from WSJ letter to the Editor

The topic was taxing unrealized income, that is the appreciation in stock value not sold.

About that concentration of political power.
It takes more than the wealthy to make that happen. It takes unscrupulous politicians, some of the same people ranting about inequality. A generous donation, a whisper a job after leaving office is all it takes. Higher taxes will never be high enough to limit a concentration of influence.
Term limits might help though‼️


  1. The people of the US do not want term limits. If they truly wanted them, they could have them by SIMPLY NEVER VOTING FOR AN INCUMBENT. Americans are ignorant in this regard.


    1. Very good point. Logically that’s is true, but human nature and uniformed voters means they vote for a familiar name or a political party without knowing anything about whom they are voting


  2. I used to think that term limits would solve the problems until something that Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green said when she first got into office. She said that the first thing she had to do was to hire congressional staff, people who knew how Congress and Washington worked. What form to fill out, who to call. She pointed out that if the staff of a prior congressman who loss were willing to work for the other party just so they didn’t have to move from Washington until they got their golden opportunity. This staff is often the gate keepers to what is brought to her attention and what is in bills. She can’t read a 3000 page bill over night.

    In South Jersey we had a political boss, George E. Norcross, who ran, make that he controlled the democrats in the southern counties. You did not get elected as a democrat without his blessing. He never ran for office. When he retired, he moved to Florida got caught voting in NJ.

    Every major city has a behind the scene power broker helping guide the money. These political boss have no term limits. AOC actually audition for the part of congressman so it really doesn’t matter who is in office if they are indebted to their political boss.


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