Six years ago I posted this, six years and still no action. Six years and now instead of a broad based solution involving all Americans, we mostly hear let the wealthy solve our collective problem.

Welcome to the age of division and envy.



  1. “…instead of a broad based solution involving all Americans, we mostly hear let the wealthy solve our collective problem.

    Welcome to the age of division and envy.”
    With all due respect, I don’t believe envy is the problem, per se. My dentist has two Corvettes (one for inclement weather) and a Ferrari. And I have zero envy. I couldn’t fit in any of them anyway. I do not want “equality”. He has worked hard, and smart. Good for him. I do think he should probably pay more taxes than he does, though. I frankly don’t want to work that hard, or take that risk and responsibility. There are millions like me, contented to work hard enough to “get by”. The thing is, HE NEEDS ME, and the millions like me, to take care of the more mundane service and production to run the economy.

    “The benefits of a market economy include increased efficiency, production, and innovation. The disadvantages of a market economy include monopolies, no government intervention, poor working conditions, and unemployment.” (And inequality.)

    The “free” market, for various reasons, produces great inequality in income and wealth. As my father said, if you work harder and smarter, you earn more, but it’s hard to believe that …anyone… works, literally, 10,000 times harder than me.

    “…a broad based solution involving all Americans,”

    Blood from a turnip. Tax the wealthy, and the semi wealthy, because, as Willy Sutton says, that’s where the money is. And… transfer to the lower paid workers and the disabled/dependent/elderly. It is not socialism. It is correcting the errors of the free market and levelling the economic and social landscape.

    The U.S. is one of the most inequal of all advanced countries, both before and after taxes and transfers.

    It is not healthy, economically or socially. Most other countries have more equal incomes AND transfer more from the wealthy/semi-wealthy to the lower level workers. Do they pay more taxes? Yes! But not “all” citizens. Many European countries pay upwards of forty percent of GDP in taxes, average. The U.S. is closer to twenty-five percent, average.

    That damn average again. Wealthier people pay higher taxes. Poorer people receive higher transfers. Again, this is not socialism. Enlightened self interest. The wealthy are better off in the long run if their workforce is well maintained. Somewhat like a farmer is better off if he treats his livestock well.


  2. If they fix it, there’s one less thing to argue about and polarize Americans to distract us while they continue to rob us blind.


      1. Mr Quinn, I hope I’m wrong too. But the Congress shows no will to fix problems. All they do is talk over each other, create sound bites for the folks back home. They only care about getting re-elected.


      2. “They only care about getting re-elected.”


        I don’t know if I am an optimist or a realist. If you don’t get elected, and re-elected, you can’t get anything done. Sad to say, sometimes that means you have to make a deal with the devil.

        I happen to believe there are some (many, actually) very sincere, ethical, conscientious, hard working politicians who happen to have valid disagreements.* It’s a paradox, catch 22.

        The only thing worse than a two (or multi) party
        system is probably a one party system. Even if it’s the one with which I agree.

        *Yes, there are also some slime,


      3. Poverty/child poverty rates…

        These figures and charts vary slightly, but overall are very similar and constant from year to year. If not for Mexico, Chile, Turkey, etc., the U.S. could be number one. That is not a good thing. I haven’t travelled, except in the South Pacific (navy), and perhaps it is better to be poor in America than middle class in many other countries , IDK.

        But there is an expression:
        Conservatives say I succeeded because I work hard.
        Liberals say I succeeded because I work hard. And I was lucky. *

        The previous graphs show more income equality in other countries because of very progressive tax and transfer policies. Not just “transfers” to lower income citizens, but the wealthy/semi-wealthy also contribute a higher share of the burden of infrastructure, education, and healthcare, etc.
        As it should be, I say. Everyone is better off, rich, middle class, or poor if there is a social safety net so that a severe illness or other catastrophe doesn’t ruin you. Or your sister, or even your neighbor. We are all in this together.

        Think of it as investment. Everyone is better off in the long run, as Obama says, “You didn’t create that business by yourself.”
        Do not get your trousers in a twist. This is not socialism.

        * To both conservatives and liberals who succeeded, I say the same thing:
        Tax the rich. It’s for your own benefit.


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