Getting old may not be fun … but you can try and be prepared

I don’t know anything about the circumstances of the women in the picture below. I know it’s real because I took it.

I know she is quite old, I know she walks with a serious limp and I know that’s hard work pushing heavy carts in 80 degree heat.

But why is she doing that work, not for fun I suspect. I assume she needs the $11.02 per hour she is paid as a cart attendant.

Maybe she lives on Social Security alone, maybe she is a widow living on Social Security because there is nothing else.

We can speculate forever, but I’m thinking this is not what most people want to do in their senior years. To avoid that fate requires planning and discipline over may years while working. It requires balancing needs and wants and desires when you are 20,30,40, or 50 with what you will need, perhaps for 30 years, after you stop working or cannot work any longer.


  1. The problem with this is we really just don’t know everything about this person. If she is doing it because she cannot keep herself alive with just the meager amount of money coming in each month than I feel sorry for her but I also agree with you that better planning would likely have made her later years life better. On the other hand there is a man in my local supermarket who is in his eighties and unpacks and stocks the veggie bins half a day 4 days a week and he loves working and from my conversations with him I know he has at least a million in his stock holdings so hats off to him he wants to keep active and God has granted him the health to keep doing. So what I fault is the typical approach of those in power who say old people need help and throw $1200 pandemic payments out to everyone regardless of their financial situation. No doubt everyone can ‘use’ more money but in fact the use is for many just socking it into their financial wealth and nothing else comes from that disbursement. Everything is not just black and white and unfortunately so often that is what the media want to do in their reporting and politicians play right into that characterization in their desire to extract goodwill from their loyalists. There is no understanding of the common good so for this reason i believe there needs to be citizen uprising to place term limits on the ballot so we get rid of the lifelong bloodsuckers in the system. Sorry to make your post political but there is a truth to my comment I believe.


    1. Right you are. Politicians apply often invalid broad assumptions (probably to seek their ideas) rather than focusing on those truly in need.


  2. Not sure if this picture was staged for a propaganda effect? This is not appropriate for a supervisor to assign this job to an old lady. It’s not efficient use of labor time. Also, the lady if injured doing this can sue for disability benefits or even worse.
    Probably “cleverly” staged for propaganda effect.


      1. Well, then did you follow thru and ask to speak to the manager of the store? With your HR background you could authoritatively inform the manager that he could be facing a liability lawsuit in the event the woman is hurt on the job.
        If you didn’t, it could be said you were using the picture to “propagandize” your opinion for shock value.
        i.e there are a fair number of farmers still working their farms just as old if not older doing onerous physical labor.


  3. Reminds me of seeing a man on his oxygen tank as a store greeter. Desperate for the income or just want to get out of the house?


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